10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me homies uber back night museum costume halloween
die bury without checking pockets pot marijuana plants
scientists discovered using turn signal causes no real harm
naughty cat cafe sign not a strip club
democrat emergency steps blame climate change guns racism white trump free stuff
joe biden i dont work for you facebook fact checkers know he said it
homer simpson government created problems solutions fear
reverse clown vaccinated hospitals overrun nurses fired
wheel of fortune fuck joe biden let’s go brandon
1934 cartoon spend blame capitalism dictatorship
natural immunity good protecting against covid 19 not against fauci
daily mail panama warns 60000 haitian migrants biden pretend didnt hear that
facebook down sorry interruption getting rid evidence hillary clinton
tiger kind who made facebook disappear carole baskin

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jodi guys what wearing penguin onesie
tweet cattos boyfriend shower curtain amazon cat horse gun

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson werent listening mom jump off bridge shows

Quote of the Day

quote have money medical understanding led by least intelligent visionary dehumanizing

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve said before that if you search long enough on Google, you can find research to prove or disapprove anything you want. If there’s a narrative that is completely anti-basic common sense, you can count on the mainstream media to use this technique. An example I saw on the “financial” channel, CNBC, this morning was one in which evidence was found that “proves” unequivocally the national worker shortage has nothing to do with government benefits that pay the same amount as a job. 👌

face palm
why cant get job son covid relief cant afford pay cut video games

BTW, I’m still waiting for ONE SINGLE STORY in any mainstream media source that points out one obvious cause of worker shortages in the retail & service industries — MASK MANDATES! Maybe, just maybe, there are people out there who don’t want to wear a muzzle 40 hours a week, especially when it’s a low-paying job and the government is subsidizing not working? 🤔

kermit me waiting for the common sense variant to spread

Notice That Every Tool in the Leftist Arsenal Is Being Used to Stifle Free Speech and American Liberty

Josh Hawley Torches Biden DOJ for Assault on American Parents – Spencer Brown
Merrick Garland’s Justice Department Is Just Another Democrat PAC – Larry O’Connor

Expect the same kind of gaslighting mainstream media labeling of school board criticism as terrorism that occurred for the January 6th “insurrection.”

babylon bee heroic fbi agent tackles parent speaking kids education
tweet banks 10000 biden change transactions 600 you are domestic terrorist

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3 thoughts on “10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Saw a mistake in democrat emergency meme. Blame racism (any type)

    Wrong! You can’t blame racism by any race against white skinned people. Even if they really are non-white but appear white.

  2. I hope people make names for the two atomic bombshells that have gone off recently.

    First, the Pfizer whistleblower admitting to fetal tissue and proof of a coverup.

    On top of that, a video surfaced of Fauci in 2019 discussing rebranding the flu (renamed “covid” now).

    He said it could take a decade to get RNA based drugs approved, but then the group talks about a novel virus coming out of China, so get could get the new flu vaccine approved faster.

    Kaboom. But don’t expect the TV to show it.

    Memes to the rescue?

  3. Go find the cartoons drawn about the federal reserve when it was just under consideration. Everything predicted has come true. To be fair, libertarians and anarchists (of the Thoreau variety, not the firebomb
    throwing type), have been trying to warn everyone for at least 300 years to little avail.

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