10-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat read lyrics song realize singing nonsense
college ransom have our child want 200000
wife spilled iced coffee pumpkin spice twatte out of my league
tv propaganda not even subtle anymore
joe biden running 2024 get to go back to basement
kermit the frog heres little tune picked up recent football game f joe biden
fauci americans should give us individual freedom samual jackson pulp fiction
all scientific studies masks empty shelf
michele obama melania trump jill biden hate love forgot america
democrats follow the science 3.5 trillion equals 0
founding fathers constitution bear arms further explain not be infringed clear
biden released terrorists afghanistan now focus on real enemy concerned parents school board meetings
democrats bathroom sinema republican maverick traitor

Question of the Day

question how long lets go brandom terrorist hate speech investigation by fbi

Yes, Facebook Did Really Cover This Photo As ‘Sensitive Content’

facebook censor stand up for what you believe in even if standing alone

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cardillo passports to travel irs monitor transactions control every aspect tyrants
tweet wolf communists hard at work whistleblower claiming corporation not evil enough
tweet catturd will irs show us congress bank transactions over 600 see how multi millionaires leave congress

Quote of the Day

quote kiekegaard deal lifes horrors laughing at it

If Only

exercising hurting yourself until body immune to it

If only there was some mechanism to protect us the same way after having contracted Covid? 🤔

Message of the Day

message natural immunity is science just not revenue generating kind

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