10-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stores bankruptcy divorce liquor location location
what its like share bathroom counter woman titanic door
dont cheat on taxes sign 27 dependents
ruling class hypocrisy champagne usa
fbi nothing see here peaceful blm protests get those parents speaking out crt domestic terrorists
zuckerberg jacket hey kids facebook instagram whatsapp
reporters how stop flooding americas border biden implement economic plan
buzz lightyear joe biden did it united country chanting your name everywhere
branch covidians remain terrified cult worship media tv

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet matheny americans 600 irs congress net worth millions insider trading bribes kickbacks

Never Trust ‘Science’ If It’s Pushed by the Ruling Class

Big Tech Announces Monetization Ban If You Go Against One of the Left’s Favorite Issues

daily panic climate change experts leaves fall in autumn teachers unions falling debris
daily mail doctors nurses use trusted positions to fight climate change news carbon footprint

11 Reasons Climate Change is Propaganda Not Science

Quote of the Day

quote officer parker dont have to be conspiracy theorist see stupidity two eyes pinch common sense

Message of the Day

message until you seek truth everything i post will piss you off

Other Links That May Interest You

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One thought on “10-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Exactly! Lies are like the covid, floating around everywh…..wait.wait, that’s a terrible analogy, let me try again… Lies are like pollen, floating around everywhere, just waiting to land on you and infect you. You takes steps to protect against lies, and you brush them off when they land on you. Truth however is not like lies at all. Truth is very accessible, visible and for the taking, but it sits still, you must go and get it. Truth is not floating around aimlessly, it is not frantically jumping from one thing to the next. You cannot catch truth, you must seek it. So go pursue truth today! It even helps with allergies!

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