10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids spoiled today iphones ipad never joy ozzy osborne teddy ruxpin age
october november december halloween thanksgiving christmas lanes
jesus fish bread gluten free vegan fish tested for mercury
skeltor me running in timeline extremist content think for yourself bitch
foxtrot uniform charlie fuck joe biden soldier
rioting acceptable civilized question vaccine dangerous extremist
family ranch for sale to pay bidens death tax
babylon bee disney+ release separate fauci documentary for every time changed mind
joe biden dress tax the rich covering tax middle class

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet laura zoom message muted see face turn off video
tweet mom meh lets get married Jane mini version ourselves annoy us
tweet corey little seizure pizza pizza
tweet tanner recipes includes mess have to clean up after cooking

Quote of the Day

quote steve irwin crocodiles easy kill eat you people pretend to be friends first

Random Thoughts of the Day

I don’t like to stereotype people, as humans are too complex to put into neat categories. However, one that seems to be consistent and accurate is that members of the public education system are overwhelmingly liberal in their leanings…probably 98-99 percent. Prove me wrong! Find a member of a government-run educational institution who leans conservative or libertarian. If you do find one, he or she probably hides their beliefs for fear of being fired or ostracized by their fellow educators. Given this political domination, is it any wonder almost all public school boards and teachers unions continue to push mask mandates and other ridiculous Covid restrictions, even in Republican-dominated states?

For as smart as the leaders of these groups think themselves to be, they seem to have zero grasp of the difference between preservation of life and quality of life. While you can have spirited debates on the effectiveness of germ-infested masks vs no masks and vaccines vs natural immunity, do you EVER hear quality of life enter into the discussion? The entire leadership of the Democrat party leadership as well as all the liberal-dominated political groups don’t seem to have the slightest grasp of the concept, led by perhaps the most insufferable POS in the country, Dr. Anthony Mengele Fauci.

It seems obvious that almost everyone will contract Covid at some point no matter what we do to delay the inevitable. We have treatments and vaccines, along with the best protection of all — the human immune system! Kids, above all, have the ability to fight this off and achieve natural protection. So why must be continue to live a miserable medical police state for the rest of our lives? Let both kids and adults have a choice to enjoy the time they have. DO. NOT. COMPLY. And do not back down to these fascist school boards now that they have Deep State protection. They’re hoping you just shut up and fall in the line like good little obedient peasants.

As Cases Plummet In Florida, New Data Show Forcibly Masking Kids Made No Difference

fbi seen protesting at school board meeting come with us statute liberty
homer simpson celebrating christmas dr fauci garage
coming school board meetings fbi undercover

Message of the Day

message always consider evidence contradicts belief challenge everything you know

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8 thoughts on “10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I see the pizza-pizza inference and raise you this:

    When hearing that someone lost their husband/wife/ETC – I’m tempted to ask where they saw them last.

  2. Stereotype all you want about the education system and educators because you are 98-99% accurate. I was—and I emphasize “was”—a college professor and one of the 1-2%. Until tenured (another idiotic practice), I had to “hide” my political convictions and faith.
    However, because I taught English and literature and selected my course materials, I was able to insert my conservative viewpoints. I often used scripture (i.e., literature) and asked students to decide if the passage was a complete sentence, a comma splice, or a run-on.
    In critical thinking classes, I presented arguments on both sides of an issue and asked students to examine the validity, logic, and the credibility of sources. I also asked them to consider the stasis of an argument. For example, in an argument on abortion, there is no stasis if one side argues that a woman has a right to her own body, while the other side argues that abortion is murder. Those are two separate issues.
    I could go on and on about the wickedness of our educational system and most educators. It is a corrupt system that makes it virtually impossible for students to think critically and speak freely. It is everything antithetical to what education should be. Thus, it needs to be completely overhauled—and SOON.

    • Thank you for this wonderful post!

      I have worked in school systems as an IT Tech since 2003. This statement could not be more true. If I ever mustered up the ability to say how I felt, it was NEVER received with anything more than a snarl / glare (not even kidding). I found one other person in all these years at the school I was at from 2008-2016, she is the only one! I was in a catholic school when Barry was elected, and literally went home throwing up the day of his inauguration – couldn’t stand everyone jumping up and down hugging and screaming. I could just feel the air was different around him.

      I was administrator (Associate Principal of Technology Integration) for a few years, and a student asked to have a conference with me. In that conference, he asked me outright why only Democrat views were discussed, and when he spoke about his Republican values, he was corrected. He didn’t think that was right. I had no idea what to say other than that I completely agreed with him, but was powerless to do anything about it. It haunts me to this day that I did not have a better answer for him.

  3. I tried teaching middle school science for two years because I wanted to help kids. I positively had to hide my libertarian values. Everything in the system was free to the students (we were forced to call them scholars, even those that did nothing at all knowing we weren’t allowed to give them the F they deserved), food, computers, supplies, medicine. They treated it all like people do to free things also, with disrespect, and they destroyed the computers and threw away the great majority of the food, because there was always more to be given. Every other teacher that gave a clue as to their political bent was far left. I only lasted two years because I was never able to teach, I just had to try to herd feral cats, the 11 & 12 year old ran the place because they knew there were no real consequences to their behavior. After two years I had to get out and find something else before I had a heart attack or stroke.

  4. I almost forgot. I also had to spend a week of the summer break taking a course title culturally relevant teaching. Note the acronym, CRT. That is exactly what it was, forcing critical race theory on teachers. It was insane. For example, for each of the 168 “scholars” I saw every two days, I had to refer to them with the proper pronoun of the 472 fluid genders that exist. Their preferred pronoun may also change during the class period and I had to be aware of this and correct my usage. You can’t make this stuff up.

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