10-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

southwest airlines anyone on board know how to fly plane airplane
cat knocking cup off still cranky
someone finally upgraded kissing booth bjs sign
halloween decorations then now pumpkin Murder scene
world watching australia boat sinking not our end
china taiwan a go hunter biden paintings
irs 600 dollars atm checking
biden garland f15s war on parents plan
dr fauci no christmas tim vaccinated booster 3 masks scrooge
government in middle of pandemic what do we do start firing hospital staff
border closed afghanistan plan cost nothing lie fake white house set
expected jobs report trump crowd actual biden circles
babylon bee Joe biden invites brandon White House celebrate success

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sepehr real crc teaching kids russians bolshevik revolution raised fist
tweet murray fbi didnt raid epstein protect gymnasts pta mask mandates indoctrination camps
tweet giada 17 year old back to school son dont listen teachers push political bs

Quote of the Day

quote critical race theory changing martin luther king color of skin content character

Perfect Illustration of the “Algorithms” from Our Thought Police Overlords

tweet wong trump conversations intense biden nothing twitter

Facebook Won’t Say Why It Took Down ‘Reopen California Schools’ Page

Message of the Day

if can question science cant propaganda zuckerberg facebook

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