10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people complain fast food advertisements profile picture
puppy vs kitten school
halloween michael myers chucky childs play chocolate milk
when rona tries get you already sat down restaurant table covid
fbi waterboarding parents terrorist organization pta
royal changes brainerd minnesota homecoming no king queen soviet cancel
joe biden lets go brandon ryan reynolds walk explosions
secret societies can put truth in plain sight people dont believe they exist nowadays
southwest airlines enforcing vaccine mandate pilots shortage bike spokes

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Easy Way to Recognize Pure Liberal Propaganda

On the website Rotten Tomatoes, you will normally see two ratings. The one on the left is from snobbish, liberal movie critics. The one on the right is from real audiences. An easy way to spot a pure liberal propaganda piece is when you see a high score on the left with a terrible score on the right. A good example is the horrendously bad Last Jedi, which Star Wars fans (including myself) hated but was loved by liberal critics. With that in mind, take a look at the ratings for the Disney+ slobbering Fauci-worship “documentary”:

fauci rotten tomatoes audience vs liberal critic scores

‘Fauci’ Flops: Audiences Really Don’t Like His Disney+ Biopic

Speaking of propaganda, if you see the opposite relationship, where numbers are far higher on the right, you know the show is either really entertaining, or more likely, goes against liberal ideology, such as the movie Gosnell, which covered the butcher abortion clinic doctor.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spike cohen grown adults think track 600 transactions to stop billionaires

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson reason free inquiry only effectual agents against error

Gaslighting 101: $3.5 Trillion = No Cost to You

Biden’s Myth Of No Taxes Under $400,000 – Donald Losman
10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)

he man remember said income tax only temporary
joe biden 3.5 trillion budget costs nothing inflation up

Cuz There’s No Room in $3.5 Trillion to Pay a Few Billion for Wall

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Cancels Funding Contract for Border Wall


Message of the Day

message talking lisa simpson leftist taxation government exploiting labor value workers

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve always believed that things needed to get worse in America before they got better, mainly for two reasons: 1) We had become in many ways spoiled and weak, and 2) Leftists had taken over every major influence agent in the country–the media, the public education system, Big Tech, and the entertainment industry. Think back to how good things were in January 2020, regardless of what you thought of Trump: Stocks were at a record high; inflation was 0 percent; gas prices were low, with America energy-independent; the workforce participation was at a record high; unemployment of minorities, women, and the nation as a whole was the best rate in half a century; no new wars had been started, and we were wrapping up existing ones; we were free to go anywhere without social distancing, masking up, or presenting vax cards; there were no major shortages of labor, necessities, and luxuries we had taken for granted.

Despite how great things were, the media & Establishment politicians brainwashed much of the country to believe it was the worst of times. Even the people on the right & middle politically didn’t realize how good they had it. Yet, despite the constant negative anti-American barrage, Trump was heading for easy re-election, possibly leading to permanent harm to the Ruling Class power structure. So when Covid hit, this was a crisis they absolutely could not waste, leading to the downward tailspin we’ve been steadily on ever since. The Ruling Class is made up of truly evil people that gladly tore everything down to maintain their power. And sorry, but things will probably get much worse for now, as the Dems will be in control at least until November of 2022.

But now things are starting to change! People miss the freedom they had pre-Covid. They miss the low inflation, low gas prices, and healthy 401k’s. People have wised up to the indoctrination camps that make up our public schools, so they’re pulling their kids, raising hell at school board meetings, and re-directing their resources to alternative education. Hollywood and the media are largely being tuned out, with their credibility completely shot. People are ignoring Big Tech “fact checkers,” finding alternative social media, and developing ways to communicate around the algorithms of the Thought Police. And most of all, people are absolutely rebelling against the totalitarian Covid police state policies. We are awake! And for those who still aren’t, just give it a little more time. As things get worse and worse, more and more Americans will wise up. Keep the faith! It’s the natural cycle of nations.

southwest pilots go on strike mid flight lets go brandon skydiver
message hard times create strong men good times weak men create hard times

New Focus Groups Spell Trouble for Democrats
Poll: Most Say 2020 Election Was Totally Loaded with Fraud

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2 thoughts on “10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Let’s be clear. Covid didn’t just happen at the right time for TPTB. It had been engineered in advance, released at just the right time, and all the players had even rehearsed their roles in advance at event 201. It was orchestrated to terrify everyone so much that they would happily accept mail in ballots which are easily corrupted.

    And as for the ratings, the numbers for Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix show are about 33% from the woke reviewers who are pandering to the LGBT junta, and 97% from the regular folk. Shocked?

  2. You missed a very important good thing. The Abraham Accords, where the world almost got peace in the Middle East. Israel had peace agreements with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Morocco. Iran, Iraq and everyone’s favorite sovereign state, Palestine, were not far behind.

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