10-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tips enjoy ipa beer pour down drain
perfect 10 nightclub now hiring 8s sign
solid liquid gas poop pee fart question answers worksheet
bidens agenda create jobs plenty gop midterm pickups
fbi parent dangerous terrorist leftist violence ideology
left aligned with big government tech media corporations still anti establishment
fireman soldiers nurses teachers police heroes but fire media programs mind
congress acting like 30 trillion debt no problem boat sinking
babylon bee terrifying new halloween mask human face not wearing mask
dr fauci sunny philadelphia covid shots booster mask everyone follow or wont work
jen psaki if spending bill costs zero why raise debt ceiling
southwest hires new pilots airplane

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet andrew yang not left vs right systen designed turn each other against
tweet rachel pekarek southwest truckers rail workers port operators

Quote of the Day

message dear globalists decline offer great reset new world order

Messages of the Day

tabloids celebrity drama existed forever only misinformation narrative questioned
message same people resist 5 years comply without question

Cancel Culture Claims Another Victim

Jon Gruden resigns as Las Vegas Raiders head coach after report of anti-gay, misogynistic language used in emails

Jon Gruden has been a coach & football analyst for decades, working with thousands of people of all races, gender, and sexual orientation without a problem, and suddenly some old emails are dug up that supposedly portray him as a racist & misogynist?! Give me a break! Do you think any players or coaches would make it in the NFL if a few coarse words sent them into tears and a PC-offended fetal position? An average speech by Joe Biden has more offensive phrases than in the 10 years of Gruden emails they managed to comb through. For Biden, they’re labeled “gaffes.” For Gruden, “racist” and “misogynistic” (BTW, have you ever noticed only whiny liberals use these words?).

Let me recap what really happened here. Last year, the NFL subjected some of the healthiest young men in the world to ridiculously overcautious Covid restrictions, including isolation and weekly testing. Gruden thought most of it, justifiably, was unnecessary, and said so. He himself contracted Covid, and recovered from it like 99.9% of healthy people under 65 do so. Since he had Covid antibodies in him and was only around low-risk people who were tested weekly, he didn’t wear a face mask once on the sideline, and was caught. The NFL fined him $100,000 for it, yes $100,000, for someone who had already recovered from Covid and wasn’t a danger to spread it or contract it again. But you see, he committed the cardinal sin of the liberal totalitarian world we live in — he used educated reason and common sense, rather than fall in line and OBEY!!! It’s almost like he felt entitled to use his brain! *GASP* What kind of example would that set?!!! To make matters worse, after the NFL fined him, he flipped them the bird soon after by wearing ladies panties as a face mask:

jon gruden ladies panties covid mask

On top that, he had the audacity to say players should be respectful of the flag & anthem! *DOUBLE GASP* Therefore, he was targeted for cancel culture destruction. So the liberal hit squads began researching & investigating, and they finally dug up some old emails that could be used to destroy him. Remember the ones made public were the best they could filter over volumes of opposition research over decades. So now he’s done–he’ll never work in broadcasting or professional football again, all because he didn’t toe the liberal line. Cancel culture has never been about protecting women or minority groups. If that were the case, then thousands of liberal celebrities & politicians wouldn’t have been given free passes over the years. Cancel culture is a political weapon used to destroy conservatives, libertarians, and free thinkers. Plain and simple. Its power comes from a like-minded drive-by media and PC-obsessed cowards like the ones who work for ESPN and the NFL. The “outrage” is always fake, with the condemnations always predictable, for the simple reason that no one public wants to be the PC cancel army’s next victim.

jon gruden identifies hunter biden so media ignores emails
finding hillary emails no jon gruden emails yes
zombies conform or be cancelled
message stop calling it cancel culture its fascism

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