10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

neighbor won internet crate challenge skeletons iphones
sign solve problems maturity today margaritas
bucket list replace the b
mariah carey all I want for christmas is you song next 3 months
hunter biden halloween candy entire bowl dopey picture
he man case you forgot two years ago greatest economy world history
lets go brandon college sign
joe biden inflation food gas anything down poll
us national debt 29 trillion other contagion
chicago prosecutor murder wrong won't impose my values on others
whistleblower snowden operative facebook know difference

Clown Show

tweet california ban gas mowers vitolo
tweet sweden electric car locks you out co2 limit fake soy meat

Let’s Remember This Was Obama’s “Moderate” Supreme Court Nominee, According to Our State-Run Mainstream Media

garland ag peaceful protestors blm antifa parents signs domestic terrorists office

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet laruen boebert burn down cities kamala bail out speak against racist teaching domestic terrorist
tweet zuby kids punished lying now for telling truth

Quote of the Day

quote life isnt yours if always care what someone else thinks

Message of the Day

message warrior knows could die in battle doesnt expect arrows from own government

Every Little Bit Helps

I’m not sure who organized this walkout, but anything parents or workers can do helps to tell the Ruling Class Americans no longer want to live in Covidistan!

ntl walk

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