10-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign vet dog eat anything pill gordon ramsey
wrinkles from laughter except wtf lines run deep
be kind never know going through nice turn signal fck face
taco bell short staffed out of patience grab application
joe biden build back better chair trumps fault
biden nuts rapidly rising
joe biden what happens when order presidents through the mail
pfizer board meeting 2019 marketing strategy force them
facebook employees on way to work german soldiers
usa plane crash complimentary social welfare duration of flight
shanter uss inflation soaring into space
lisa simpson spend trillions bills havent read want details how you spend 600

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet starbuck biden build back better supply chain gas prices firings shortages debt
tweet trump jr how long federal government bails out companies cant find employees
tweet vitolo why dont people trust media mannequin hospitalized

Quote of the Day

quote jeffrey tucker political system conspiracy theory ruling class

Messages of the Day

believe in something even if means sacrificing everything
message facebook not silencing propaganda racist disgust only people trying make world better
message ones asking to be left alone arent extremists one comply lose all rights are

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