10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats keyboard personal trainers
can communicate itโ€™s kids without raising voice sure jan
dear sex toy manufacturers vibrators should be felt not heard
history books 100 million dead communism college professors neurolyzer men in black forget
drinking fountains boostered vaxxed unvaccinated trump voters hose
ship problems biden caused crane claim fixing them
everyone dress planet of apes william shatner return
those offended dave chapelle 2 wholesome alternatives eddie murphy richard prior
trumps vs bidens america empty full grocery shelves
joe biden opec drill baby kill keystone no fracking love paris accord
entire world joe biden low expections but holy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parent 3 kids posner watch all toy story straight through
tweet slipping bouncer 20 dollars not let us inside

DC Comics Really Knows Its Fan Base ๐Ÿ™„

DC Comics New Bisexual Superman Now Has New Motto: “Truth, Justice, and the American Way a Better Tomorrow”

babylon bee superman not kryptonite wrong pronoun

Quote of the Day

quote greatest prison people live in fear what other people think

Natural Immunity: Pretending It Doesn’t Exist

Let’s visit the dream world where the CDC, Fauci, and other government scientists have only our best interests at heart. An obvious Covid question of anyone who’s every taken Human Biology 101 is why there is such a reluctance to discuss natural immunity? It’s never factored into any herd immunity calculations. It’s never listed as an exception for vaccine mandates. While there are vax passports all over the world now, you never hear anything about a recovered-from-Covid passport. It’s as if government “scientists” don’t want you to know the most obvious and lasting protection even exists. Why?! There’s nothing anti-science about discussing the immune system. Natural immunity is not some “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation.” So why pretend a basic part of human biology doesn’t exist and insist the ONLY solution is a vaccine? I thought of two big reasons.

  1. The Covid testing is worth shit, and they know it. In other words, the tests aren’t giving accurate results, most notably false positives. If you test positive and recover, you may think you have the antibodies protecting you from further infection, when in reality, you never had Covid in the first place.
  2. If people examine Covid statistics, they may conclude natural immunity is the best option, and thus not even consider the vaccines. In other words, people may notice that if you’re under 65 and don’t have another lung/heart condition, your chances of survival are better than 99.9 percent, after which you’d have the best long-term Covid protection. So, therefore, people may use their reason & logic to conclude the best option is just to wait to be infected, fight it off, then never have to worry about it again.

Everything in the whole governmental response to Covid has been a psychological operation. The CDC, Dr. Fauci, and their stooges in the media have selectively pushed information & policies simply to manipulate behavior. Even if we really did live in a dream world where politics & money didn’t affect “science,” this irrational push of fear and the denial of natural immunity are what’s led to the real misinformation epidemic.

nicholson when you beome family wacko because you believe fresh air immune system
how heal without vaccine covid immune system witch burned stake
masks gloves vaccine endless line build your immune system no one there

Poll: Public Vastly Overestimates Risk of Covid Hospitalization
Covid-19 Science Meme Gallery

tweet florida lowest per capita covid cases looking forward to desantis media coverage

Message of the Day

message bugs bunny wish all waiting world go back normal very pleasant wake up

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One thought on “10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You forgot $$$$$$$$$$$$$. If natural immunity is considered valid, even just equal to the “vaccines,” none of the folks will get a vaccine, nor the booster, nor the hundreds of boosters they have planned.

    You also forgot power and control. If you can’t deny people freedom through some sort of passport system, that can be revoked the next time a shot is due, then they might think they are free and that would undermine the entire purpose of the plannedemic.

    But most importantly you forgot that if you actually created a reliable test for antibodies specific to the virus, people would quickly realize that the “vaccines” are not actually creating the same kind of antibody protection that recovering from it does.

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