10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

selfie toy story my childhood not yours
ive got proctologist memory always remember asshole
tiger hug person knife fork
biden inflation energy afghanistan border china miss trump yet
liberal get the shot wont be able to work fine terrorist
socialist venezuela empty shelves bidens america
government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
rogan drinking water cnn promotes liquid used as engine coolant
barnyard election pigs vote person feeds same person slaughter socialism defined
facebook must be censoring liberals havent seen great job joe biden posts
post rant about short staff biden harris lower your expectations

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet braxton wait ringing hate you for putting me through
tweet so your dad stepping on lego joy laughter
tweet meister southern border economy afghanistan all by design
tweet Stephen miller melania trump vs buttigieg absence cnn

Quote of the Day

quote lion child thought about quitting noticed who watching.jpg

This Is the Way to Do It

Country Singer Travis Tritt Takes a Massive Stand Against COVID Tyranny – Will Cancel Any Venue That Requires Masks or Vaccines

Dan Bongino Stands Up to Vaccine Mandates, Gives Ultimatum to His Radio Network

Government would never be able to enforce their medical police state if businesses didn’t enable them. Take a stand! If sales significantly drop and/or businesses can’t find enough workers to stay open, you can bet the mandates will disappear quickly! More and more police are refusing to enforce these unconstitutional mandates. If businesses & police don’t cooperate, the dictators in charge have nothing!

clocks back november 7th mine 1945 when country had some balls

Southwest Airlines Reverses Vaccine Mandates

Message of the Day

message supposed to be fight against pandemic protect people fight people

Other Links That May Interest You

Fauci Proven Wrong Yet Again…by NBC – Leah Barkoukis
Hate Speech! Trudeau Liberals Ban Use of “Let’s Go Brandon” in Communications
Joe Biden, Lori Lightfoot Each Caught Violating Mask Mandates
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One thought on “10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You know why the police are refusing to enforce mask mandates, covid shot passport store evictions? Not because it is the right thing to do.

    The police were always willing to trample on our god given rights as long as their superiors passed a law that abridges the Constitution and allows the subjugation of citizens. The only reason is now they are the target. It finally hit them personally.

    I cannot give the police credit. Especially when you look at the precincts that don’t mandate the covid shot. Those officers still trample on the citizens’ rights. Doing the bidding of of the mayors, by not arresting antifa, but going after their victims who fight back.

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