10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

exercise diet makes look good naked so does tequila
tiger trap cage cat playing box
only facial expression last two years
bidens america dumpster fire border inflation debt
left watching cnn everyone else laughing
millie crt racy theory dummies white rage china tested missile
aoc omar tlaib defund police hiding behind expensive security
greta stop eating meat and pay more taxes to change weather
irs everyone withdraw 601 deposit back fjb

Way Too Predictable

Google’s Youtube Now Banning “Let’s Go Brandon” Chants and Songs

In the history of Big Tech, has there EVER been a single piece of anti-Trump speech that was banned, whether it was a joke, a call for his assassination, a rally to riot and destroy property, or otherwise?….in case you’re wondering about the nobleness and ethics of our Big Brother tech overlords.

youtube facebook google twitter paypal kid student liberal agenda
they live obey facebook google twitter abc cnn cbs msnbc nyt hillary wash post youtube
in russia government silences political opposition in usa youtube google facebook twitter censorship
babylon bee google search problems biden zero results

Only the Narrative Matters

The Smearing of Kyrie Irving Illustrates that MSM Only Elevates Black Voices That Toe the Establishment Line – Matt Agorist

quote candace owens most controversial think brain not skin tone
globalist elites thinking full control hollywood culture big boob rapper lady nikki minaj
pulled you over for driving while conservative thought police kanye west candace owens red pill
democrats wagon gop hates blacks blm votes matter

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet scott adams let mexican cartels supply chain issues
tweet zuby solution covid just leave people alone
tweet circle back imagine husband monitored bank account work mile abusive relationship

Message of the Day

message in midst of longest excruciating I told you so history

Quote of the Day

quote bugs life keeping those ants in line outnumber might stand up

Other Links That May Interest You

T-Mac in Trouble? McAuliffe’s Virginia Meltdown – Larry O’Connor
NY Officials Vote Unanimously to Scrap City Hall’s Thomas Jefferson Statue
‘Airplane!’ Creator Explains How the Woke Mob Ruined Comedy
Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 4

One thought on “10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The Dems’ 1/6 “insurrection” hoax is and does a lot of things, but here are two windows. First, how dumb to the Dems think we are? Already abusing political prisoners holding them without charge, withholding video evidence internally determined to flip Progressives’ Babbitt narrative & explode even the lowly trespass charges for many, and expose FBI entrapment specialists by the score. So the Dems are shameless, the attorney general should be shutting down the Capitol Police and sending in US Marshalls, and going to court to obtain the release political prisoners, and doing a hell of a lot more to prevent systemic unequal treatment under the law depending on political affiliation. Silence is violence, at least to the law when the establishment edges authoritarian and shills for the system kiss ass in a hush like Garland. But they think we are not smart enough see their BS because they keep stacking layers of it.
    Second, these A Holes, and the Cheney taggers along, are causing psychological arm to the progressives’ sheeple. So many teases – never the climax, how sad for the chump chums. Russia invasion Trump collusion … nope just Mueller playing stooge; Parents now terrorismo domesticus … no arrests, no vandalism … nada zip; and big giant 1/6 huff and buff with, as Glenn Greenwald says: “exactly nobody with any criminal charges remotely suggesting any of those melodramatic claims.” How many dry runs do the Bidenistas got left before propagation becomes unlikely?

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