10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ancient vs modern philosophers life soup me fork
cat gym toilet paper
im not ahole hemorrhoid irritate them
superman fighting for truth justice radical wokeism way
joe biden butthead cornholio
china nuclear capable hypersonic missile joe biden 4 star transgender admiral
biden rally empty shelves economy
bernie sanders once again asking you lower expectations biden
parents wall children crt propaganda socialism
joe biden we need this kids hole debt 3.5 trillion

Quote of the Day

quote trump if biden gets in depression lucky have country at all

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet llama no movie good 4 hours 8 episodes 30 minutes
tweet martini kama sutra but people over 35 back issues
tweet robyn cable guy time between 8 and 12
tweet regan parents today vs 80s texting


tweet rochelle walensky cdc definition fully vaccinated changing

The Goalposts Keep Moving: CDC Director Says the Definition of Fully Vaccinated May Change

Remember the CDC only “allows” us certain freedoms if we’re “fully” vaccinated, so if they change the definition, we’ll be back to square one for the vast majority of Americans. And schools & businesses, like the lemmings they are, will do the typical, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are REQUIRING……”

me trying to figure out how sane adult could believe covid shit
dr fauci after telling everyone need 3rd shot cash pile
message freedom not reward for good behavior thats how prisons work

We Need More Examples Like This

quote in out burger disagree private company force company discriminate
moment realize cheeseburger company more courage than school board

Let’s give more business to companies with this kind of courage and curtail our buying from the enablers who are too cowardly to stand up to tyrannical governments!

Messages of the Day

message truth surgery heals lie painkiller
message slaves standing up to masters whip we are here

Other Links That May Interest You

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ICYMI: A Private School in Florida Requires Students to Stay Home for 30 Days After Each COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
New Quinnipiac Survey Is a Disaster For Biden
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One thought on “10-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Barry makes Trump look classy
    F Joe Biden makes everyone look smart
    Pelosi makes Maxine Waters look brassy
    But Camel Lala still looks like a tart

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