10-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

prevented murder today self control
free pusy sign kittens only
sponge bob jason sexually active teens lake
for love of god farley biden pelosi stop spending money doesnt exist debt
woke corporation help wanted after we fire everyone hasnt been vaccinated
joe biden halloween monster witch reporter
china center cnn lebron fauci biden cdc dnc fb nfl liberals
instead build back better picture back way found
high gas prices empty shelves afghanistan joe biden
joe biden announcer lets get ready to mumble
democrats largest spending bill in history why so bad president says costs nothing
football games yell f joe biden keep up friends
fauci under fire experiments snoopy woodstock biden

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet epstein biden started no drilling now oil industry help
tweet bay of pigs mainstream media cia did bad things 6 decades not today conspiracy theorist
tweet biden builds wall around beach home after halting border wall construction
tweet pumkins help woodpeckers pound head

Quote of the Day

quote alexander we they know theyre lying continue anyway

Said No Big Tech Employee Ever

quote voltaire dont agree with what you say defend death right to say it

Message of the Day

message be a glitch within matrix truth virus is spreading

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