10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

couples costume deer hooter headlights
carpetbagger in turnip talking dirty kids around
girl gynecologist recognized longer skirts
americans going ship to ship jet ski christmas presents
liberal youre not punk unless social views line up every major corporation
in and out lets go brandon
zuck time stone ban stuff posted 3 years ago
joe biden vax mandates plummeting in polls
nancy pelosi worth 100 million wants 600 transaction info
two weeks flatten curve passports digital id central bank currency
skeletor hyperinflation supply chain disruption lower expectations were mine
garland fbi parents crt muzzled

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet matt walsh obama right trump up phony culture war 3 weeks chappelle
tweet perlman stigma mental illness fading all mentally ill
tweet relapse schools drugs bad adderall sit same spot 8 hours

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell old enough accomplishments inspiration not grievance

But He Really Got 81 Million Votes 👌

4 top hip hop rap itunes lets go brandon

Question of the Day

lesson what does school really teach conformity obedience repeat authority

One of a Kind

fauci wuhan funding denies gain of function new york post lie
fauci dr comparison acceptable risks losses

Every day we find more information to verify “Doctor” Fauci is one of the most despicable persons on Earth, yet the mainstream media lovefest for him continues. Why? He disagreed with Trump and famously rolled his eyes at him once! That negates whatever evil could possibly come out!

tweet some of us new fauci evil 588 days ago
batman joker dr fauci say came from bat one more time
pitbull bring me fauci

Messages of the Day

message if covid as deadly conspiracy theorists masks social distance would be dead media
message v vendetta government never give freedom back

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2 thoughts on “10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I find it interesting that people are finally outraged over Fauxi and his funding of horrible animal experiments. PETA and others have been documenting similar and far worse treatment of animals in experiments for decades. These have been conducted by NIH, the military, major pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and other consumer product companies, most especially Proctor and Gamble. Now suddenly these are horrible? Now, in the face of likely hundreds of millions of dead humans from Fauxi’s virus, lockouts, and promoted vaccines, people are outraged by tortured dogs? Don’t misunderstand. I have had 7 dogs over the past 30 years and have been boycotting P&G products and others for 25 years over their torture. I just don’t understand how crimes against humanity get ignored while torture of beagles makes the headlines

    • People love animals and hate fellow humans. Case in point, all politicians, FBI, DOJ are people too. But your dog loves you no matter what.

      PETA gets ignored because they they get extreme and they don’t follow their own convictions. For instance, killing dogs and having a giant freezer at their headquarters to keep the dog corpses. They also believe that owning pets should be illegal.

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