10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doctors protesting no one knows why rx
february 22nd 2022 tuesday 2s only thing keeping me going
new sign for holidays go away
satan bought soul last week no returns
joe biden america thinks im number 1 flipping bird
titanic 2 search for climate change greta thought iceberg melted
amazon profit drops bezos close bathrooms diapers
kermit racism so many minorities trying to get in liberals refusing to get out
cnn just admit biden made mistake january 6th trump scream
uno final covid booster fauci draw 4s
tracking package 2021 offshore
babylon bee janet yellen tax mario coins
wick post parents no right kids education
fauci if lies were sandflies

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet son heath health bar new dietary consultant
tweet stop buying plastic skeletons natural better environment
tweet mommy pumpkin 800 kid activities no alcohol

Thank You Sir May I Have Another

High Stakes in Virginia – Thomas Sowell

McAuliffe Can’t Draw Crowd in Blue Arlington, and Other Cringe Details in the Final Days of Virginia Race

McAuliffe: Parental Concerns on Schools is a Fake Republican Issue, Just Like Gang Violence

mcauliffe government parents telling kids what to teach trillions equals 0 infrastructure free stuff teacher democrats

Recent polls show McAuliffe and Youngkin are statistically tied, but call me skeptical. The media keeps calling Virginia a purple state as part of their lowering of expectations in case they lose. But don’t kid yourself, this is a solid blue state. Biden won by over 10 percent in 2020, and remember Virginia is filled with DC commuters; in other words, lobbyists, lawyers, politicians, and others dependent on DC corruption for their living. Republicans haven’t won the state since 2004, and that was with RINO & defense industry heartthrob George W. Bush on the ticket. Terry McAuliffe is as wired into the Democratic political machine and DC swamp as any candidate in the country. He’s a life-long politician going back to his days working for the Jimmy Carter campaign. He was a Clinton operative throughout their reign of terror. He was also once the DNC chairman. McAuliffe has every advantage in the money & infrastructure part of our corrupt political system. The fact this race is even close shows just how fed up the actual voters are.

Youngkin could really win this thing, which would send shockwaves through the Establishment, despite the media’s propaganda campaign to make out like this is a swing state. I suspect McAuliffe will win by 1-2 points, and the media will celebrate it as a validation of the Joe Biden agenda and authoritarian Covidistan policies throughout the country. If that’s the result, as with California and New York, you Virginia voters deserve exactly what you get!

For those of you who haven’t seen Animal House, let me sum up the philosophy of these blue state voters:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul when liberty sacrificed authoritarians never build back better

Message of the Day

message lions with us out of way of ruling class no hope for rest of you

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One thought on “10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. As an owner of several plastic skeletons I will promise to switch to only locally-sourced natural skeletons for next year’s Halloween displays. I know exactly where to get them. The current owners made it easy last year with their political signs. LOL

    As for the VA election, since there is no election integrity left, the republican could be ahead by 30% in the polls and still lose when the “votes” are counted. Additionally, I can absolutely guarantee that there are plenty of freedom-loving folks in VA voting for decent candidates in every election but are outnumbered by the freedom-haters. Is it truly appropriate to wish them ill too? Are they somehow less because they love their state or cannot move elsewhere? And where exactly is the wonderful, freedom-loving state with no liberals or progressives working every day to destroy it? GA used to be a decent place, but folks like Stacey Abrams have helped to destroy it, while the Fed’s easy money policies and anti-discrimination laws have filled neighborhoods up with folks with little to no ability to afford the house they own and no desire to do anything other than dilute the voting power of others. Government is the greatest evil ever created by man. We need to be working for its peaceful abolition, not coming up with “better” masters to elect to run the plantation.

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