10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

heroes throw beer bottles bartender christmas carols
divide circumference diameter pumpkin pi
this is halloween sparta kicking santa
memes news watching decline civilization
due to nationwide hurse shortage slutty costume halloween pick up ship
facebook problems flex tape zuck meta
skeleton waiting for biden to do anything good for america
napolean dynamite bike me homies gas price commuting
joe biden happy halloween headless horseman
wizard of oz joe biden kamala harris merrick garland blinken
babylon bee woman good at driving wondering if might be transgender
people in line black friday shipts offshore
liberal f donald trump crying lets go brandon
media still want to be fauci lap dog

Tip of the Day

tip dont have candy empty bowl kids think took all

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mommy husband cupboard corner skull
tweet wayne bruce manbat talent wasted
mewe date yourself don’t date broke people

Lesson of the Day

tarkanian yellen tax unrealized capital gains

January 6th – 2021’s Most Obvious Manufactured News Event

Tucker Carlson Hits Back at Liz Cheney After Saying Upcoming January 6 Documentary Is Full of ‘Lies’

tweet 14000 hours unreleased video obvious who isnt truthful january 6th
halloween trick or treating domestic terrorist russian conspiracy lie

Quote of the Day

quote lie to you truth doesnt serve interests

Message of the Day

message stop referring to senators leaders

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One thought on “10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I think these memes are very funny and I enjoy them. However one of them recently was untruthful and it needs to be pointed out.
    The 17th Amendment took control of Senators away from the States they are supposed to represent. At the present time, Senators answer only to the Senate.
    The 16th Amendment gave ALL our money to the Federal Legislature. In contradiction to the 13th Amendment, we are all slaves to the Gubmint and we have representation only in the House of Representatives.

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