11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stoplight rest of world stop go safe usa go fast check no police red
elaine 27 muscles open bottle wine workout
if you break treat half dog pillow
galileo today earth revolves around sun misinformation demonetize censor
if doubt crazy woman all alone ski lift face mask on
joe biden infrastructure zero cost approval may reach first
no mask jab still healthy evidence of witchcraft
friends skiing never happier since kicked out of society
dr fauci willy wonka everlasting jobstopper covid
names joe biden friends call me brandon
kermit wonder people unfriended me 2019 starting realize was right
oprah lockdown fire vaccine monitor spending illegals get money no vax required
biden voters free health care college biden best 450k illegals

Bill Maher Now Considered “Right-Winger” by the Left

Bill Maher Tells Democrats It’s Time to Admit Something That Will Surely Infuriate Anthony Fauci

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet therapist husband dishes different spots
tweet Amazon dating app here similar people interested
tweet ireland everyone vending machine snack collapse

Quote of the Day

tweet hill juan williams parents right code white race politics

Message of the Day

message if abolish taxes afford everything taxes pay for and more

Center for Dictatorial Control

My brother-in-law recently tested positive for Covid, while his wife tested negative. Saturday night he took a bad fall and broke bones in his neck, after which an ambulance took him to the hospital, then transported him to another for emergency surgery. Naturally, everyone is worried about him, fearing paralysis or worse. However, no one can get into see him because, you guessed it, he’s Covid-positive. This includes his wife, WHO HE LIVES WITH!!! If she was going to contract Covid, it would have happened by now, and I’m sure she’d gladly risk it anyway to be with her husband through some of the worst moments of his life. This is the world we live in, where some of the most anti-common sense policies are thrust upon us, explained almost always starting with the words, “In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are requiring……”

charlie brown snoopy according to cdc shut the fuck up

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3 thoughts on “11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. That’s beyond common sense, that is cruel and unusual punishment! I’m sorry to hear that. The only thing you can trust the government to do is twist the knife after stabbing you in the back with it. This is in Wisconsin?

  2. Following the Nuremberg trials, doctors and members of the media were put to death for their complicity. Just saying. What we are witnessing from the medical profession have clearly been crimes against humanity.

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