11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat gave up love romantic titanic push her
dr install bar due to age liquor bathtub
kids today elf shelf toy story my day killed you
hibachi find out what kid is wild child
babylon bee apple watch now warn you enjoying life without screen
buyers remorse 10 of 5 biden voters regret
build back better in corporate welfare out billionaire tax
strap on spelled backwards no parts liberal triggered
rambo wheres your mask son fed up patriot
bitchcraft pissing people off by telling them the truth
blm says no more riots until store shelves properly stocked
biden sleeping un climate conference teddy bear

When Thought Police Censorship Isn’t Enough

People in UK Who Question Vaccines Online Could Be Jailed for Two Years

conspiracy theorists might as well be called spoiler alerts

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet drew holden if single pilot political opinion tizzy imagine entire corporate universe
tweet past 20 months people convince me afraid made when refuse zuby
tweet thomas sowell freedom others do what dont approve of

Quote of the Day

quote when cant control you what others think of

Message of the Day

message stop asking why doing start why f allowing it

Other Links That May Interest You

Rand Paul Has Some Questions For Fauci On Puppy Torture
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