11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me waiting for phone stop ringing get back to what Im doing
dog bandaged cats tail wag means completely different
having favorite drink tonight called a lot
babylon bee terry mcauliffe baffled government owns parents children not winning strategy
omar security for me none for thee defund police
can hear cheerleaders brandon high school
democrats spending feeding inflation balloon kids
scroll of truth hunter biden art scam media
babylon bee colin kaepernick starts underground railroad help nfl stars escape slavery
next week house hunters two illegal immigrants budget 900k
china coal production g20 climate pledge
dems lose in virginia fake ballots printed in china stuck offshore in ship

Lesson of the Day

lesson 130 world leaders private jets climate change use taxes more control

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet andrea squid game team up greatest fear
tweet brakey covid terrorism real fear expand control

Quote of the Day

quote ben franklin supress freedom start with speech

Message of the Day

message never underestimate power of hug or slap upside the head

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One thought on “11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Inspired by the Brandon Administration’s Energy Czarina, claiming her wand lacks magic.

    In search of magic wand guru
    her energy lacking that humph
    praying for her battery delivery
    for her petroleum pump

    With green she no longer climates
    she turns to scolding primates
    who dare to ask for more porridge
    Thanksgiving sans sacrilege

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