11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

20 minutes pot edibles shower train work
engine exhausted bike girl outrun cyclist wife
two types people christmas seasons it begins elf
greta thunberg how dare you fall asleep joe biden
democrats just as unhappy trump gone change my mind
preparing for red wave 2022 democrats scuba gear
un climate change xi putin here in spirit biden asleep
facebook call me meta not going office
joe biden kamala harris shits giggles
parents take gay porn crt out government best labeling terrorist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet funnels bars 5 oz wine pour 25 home
tweet adam scary now then phone call inside house

Quote of the Day

quote aaron rodgers body autonomy antibodies rogan

Democrats Never Learn

After Being Humiliated In VA, Democrats Tell the Voters to Kiss-Off – Kurt Schlichter

tweets jemele hill va goventor before after white supremacy
mainstream media wrong spinning class
joe biden going to need back vax mandate nurses police firemen emt heroes
lisa simpson democrats lost virginia woke culture medical tyranny not racism

Message of the Day

message government worldwide virus truth

Other Links That May Interest You

The Climate Experts Have Never Been Right – Gina Loudon
The Only Thing Democrats Have to Offer Is Fear Itself – Jeff Crouere
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