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11-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Liberal Sports Media Mob

If the slobbering love fest the sports media had for Colin Kaepernick didn’t convince you of its liberal domination, this latest ferocious turn on Aaron Rodgers should seal the deal. Based on most of the commentators, Rodgers should not only be suspended but also thrown in Gitmo. Then, there’s Henry Ruggs, who was not only driving over twice the legal alcohol limit but going 155 mph when he killed a woman and her dog. Most of the discussion on Ruggs seems to be how the Raiders will replace him in their offense. Although, I did hear a liberal sports commentator complain for a few minutes how foolish it was for Ruggs to have a gun in his car. You know, THAT’S the reason they should put him in jail and throw away the key. 🙄

Aaron Rodgers Explains Why He Couldn’t Get the COVID Vaccine

BTW, Aaron Rodgers is not just some dumb jock. He tested off the charts in intelligence tests. On the Wonderlic test, he scored an outstanding 35. For comparison:

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