11-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

girfriends son needs work drawing arms
my dog anytime someone knocks on door want me kill them sign
bartender server busboy cook tips
5 year old infinity dollars people economy federal reserve
of all zoom meetings climate conference first on list
australia started as prison colony end as one
build back better brought to you people never built anything
progressive democrats managed to be more hated than donald trump
joe biden dog cleaning up sht
santa supply chain chip shortage coal kid christmas
office sign lets go brandon chant liberals no fun 4 years

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet headlines metro woman gives bj distract robber police arrive
tweet mizzeq now regret naming humidifier moisty boi

Quote of the Day

quote malice dont let people despise you raise children as their own

Message of the Day

message comfort is a drug addicting weak person dreams go to die

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One thought on “11-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. In Racey Bra Huckster Infrastructure, by the Buddha Jig Booster Rooster

    By racist river and through black woods,
    To Camel La’s house we go
    The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh,
    Through off whitey drifted blow!
    By racist river and through black woods,
    Oh, how Joe’s wind does blow!
    His stinky depends bites the nose,
    As over the ground we go.
    Over race Bridge and through race glade,
    To have a first-rate play;
    Oh, hear cow bell toll, “ding-a-ding-ling!”
    Hurrah for Racialist Day!

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