11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

piping coffee morning bring out evil in me
stress of being kid chain eat candy cigarettes
baby yoda squint at sun bright at people not
minorities joke years ago white liberal girl
tar feathers not cellphone living in moment wish go back
hill us dead last media trust ruling class crying sunny philadelphia
facebook plus instagram equals fbi
me and boys los angeles port self checkout lane
joy reid another white supremacist black woman winsome msnbc
thanks for factcheck almost thought government not tyrannical
biden pope high risk elderly men no mask 7 year old

“Transitory” Inflation Coincidentally Begins Right After 2020 Election

tweet biden inflation whole prices records

Consumer Prices Surge By Most in 31 Years

Quote of the Day

quote trust scientists coke big tobacco oil media tells you

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet winsome sears teach how to think not divide
tweet molly everyone totally insane
tweet remember can disappear woods anytime adult doth

Question of the Day

question how still alive walking miracle no sanitize hug cash payment

Message of the Day

quote ezra pount slave one waits someone come free him

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One thought on “11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Commodore Kerry, By the Bad Penny Revolvers

    He’s once, twice, three times a Kerry
    And his damn’s due
    Yes, he’s once, twice, three times a Kerry
    And his damn’s due
    his damn’s due

    Lurch has carried a lot poisonous water, for killers of Jews, for Red Chinese slavers, for Scotland Junket Carbon Hog middle class haters. And like a bad penny, keeps on showing up to duck up something else; thus the Commodores symposium.

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