11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nurse cat we draw blood using all natural method
alexa workout salad tv cheeseburger fries milkshake
viking skulls enemies more environmentally friendly plastic cups
biden poll policies shooting foot mandate inflation aoc too moderate
shihtzu sht zoo biden harris pelosi schumer
democrats voodoo economics inflation mandates border spending gas prices
joe biden kamala harris work hard redistribute to someone didnt
babylon bee biden repurpose oil pipeline illegal immigrants
liberal healthcare right 2010 2021 only for vaccinated
simpsons democrats am i out of touch no white supremacists love putting minorities positions of power

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spicy mama savings account picture of kids
tweet profe grease off pizza looking skinny
tweet wife strong willed not parent teacher conference

The Parallel Universe Brought to You By Mainstream Media

tweets liberals rittenhouse victims white

If you only get your information from CNN, MSNBC, NYT, CBS, and the rest of the liberal media, you truly are living in a different world carefully constructed from propaganda pieces.

Nothing Will Stop the Mainstream Media Worship of America’s Dr. Mengele

Fauci’s Advice on AIDS Virus Was As Bad As Covid

The same guy who has flip-flopped and/or been dead wrong on every piece of Covid advice through the plandemic once assured us AIDS spread like the flu, but we should still trust him unconditionally! And anyone publishing anything counter to what he’s currently saying is spreading “misinformation” and is a murderous “criminal,” according to the Pfizer CEO.

masked liberal i love fauci tshirt
dr fauci sunny philadelphia covid shots booster mask everyone follow or wont work
pfizer pile cash after telling need 3rd vaccine shot

Republican Wing of the DC Corruption Swamp

biden agenda republican enablers romney murkowski mcconnell

Quote of the Day

quote trust is earned respect given loyalty democrated betrayal lose all three

Message of the Day

message life isnt always bed roses keep eye out for pricks

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One thought on “11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I heard it mentioned that the polar opposite “news” that conservatives and liberals get is by design. Just another way that divide and conquer manifests. You cannot carry on a conversation with your neighbor if you have no idea what the other is talking about, even though you started talking about the same headline. Skepticism grows in the conservative, elitism grows in the liberal and isolation as the answer is reinforced in both, and consider the divide and conquer technique a veritable success. At this point I can’t see any real awakening happening. If your sheltered by the party your not gonna jump out, and if you get your currents events from tons of different venues to maintain an up to date information level your gonna keep doing it until the internet is for party members only, and then you’ll just adapt an overcome, cause it’s what you’ve always done…Any so called unity, or understanding at this point should alarm any truth seeker. It will be a trap. People hate other people because they’re addicted to the feeling of hate, not because they’re missing some bit of information that will “change everything” if they haven’t got that secret game changing news yet, it not gonna happen, because it is not the truth these people are looking for, and the idea of freedom makes them so uncomfortable, even you minding your own business enjoying freedom is injurious to their sense of “peace.” Remember hearing the phrase “the truth will set you free” ? Does anyone know where it came from, or who said it? People who love to hate truth and freedom, tend to also hate???
    This Thanksgiving let’s say Happy Religious Freedom Day instead and remember from what inspiration the founding fathers got all those great ideas they included in the brilliant and timeless US Constitution.

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