11-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

brady bunch hardcore death metal singing
philospher plate wise know nothing wife told him
didnt have playdates parents kicked out weakest unsolved mysteries
dont worry kids coronavirus low risk wear masks mindlessly follow orders condition
psaki biden poll numbers sink spin cycle
epstein friends raped children fbi sleeping okeefe stolen diary wide awake
joe biden plug domestic energy
cant unload cargo ships know change global warming
bart homer simpson worst inflation of life so far
hey joe biden soldiers separated from families each get 450k
imagine gruden hillary hunter biden emails equal
lebron james no speaking against slavery china accuse teen fake crying court
case involving 4 white guys fit car white supremacy left

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bradford rittenhouse media cheering burning cities
tweet tulsi gabbard mainstream media rittenhouse white supremacist

Pretend the 2+ Years of Propaganda You Pushed Didn’t Happen

cbs abc nbc media coverage durham 0 minutes

Quote of the Day

quote people liars repercussions outweigh fear losing respect

Message of the Day

message bottle wine fridge special occasion

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