11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat 5 minutes into diet hating it
never tie shoes paris proposing
how long been ahole ultrasound bird
getting read to fight billion dollar propaganda dank memes rocky
government at work managers union one worker
remember when people got tested no reason called hypochondriacs
christmas ornament repeat offender facebook jail
nancy pelosi maskless zone left wing rich san francisco
body jab stop covid spreading symptoms office space
babylon bee boy fake crying says lebron james burst tears brushes elbow
three amigos friends sneaking back us for 450k

Lesson in Perception vs Reality

troy aikman vs jay cutler career stats

It’s amazing what the media and fallacies of thinking can convince us of. Troy Aikman got his NFL commentator job largely on the strength of his hall of fame football career. Somehow he was considered HOF material despite accumulating these numbers behind perhaps the best offensive line in history. Jay Cutler is frequently the butt of jokes, especially by we Packers fans, while Aikman is almost universally treated as one of the all-time great QB’s by the sports media. Perception beats reality every time.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet keeble masks vaccines dont work everyone lies unless everyone believes
tweet 2021 whites killed white supremacy voting black white supremacy
tweet teachers unions school choice business competition

Don’t Forget to Thank Brandon

how high gas prices snoop dog willie nelson
heating bill christmas biden bu8lding back better

Workers Quit Jobs in Record Numbers for 2nd Consecutive Month, Consumer Sentiment Plummets
Medicare Part B Premium Jumps 14.5% from Last Year

Quote of the Day

quote voltaire to learn who rules find out who not allowed to criticize

Message of the Day

dont raise daughter look for knight raise sword herself

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Dogs Meme Gallery 1

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