11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

die hard christmas mcclain display
turkey thanksgiving horoscope center of attention
movie pit sex arena want one
some people tyranny covered faces locked wealth tranfer censored papers force
seinfeld rittenhouse minding my own business skateboard right wingers
joe biden executive legislative judiciary branches now
lets go brandon censorship cycle
how yall look wearing masks posting vaccination cards social media somebodys btch
arms cut off ts but scratch biden 450 immigrants
17 year old no gun 10 year old puberty blockers
babylon bee sesame street all good puppets get vaccinated

Remember in Star Wars When Palpatine Was Granted “Emergency” Powers?

Gavin Newsom Extends Emergency Order Yet Again, Until March 2022

democrats face guard emergency powers wish knew how to quit you covid pandemic
government when pandemic is over why shouldnt i keep emergency powers
homer simpson fortune cookie nothing more permanent than temporary government program

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet greene pelosi florida freedom covid policies
fb tweet anomaly inflation good for us media
tweet crypto if rittenhouse maga hat no gun would have been murdered liberals wouldnt care

New Meme Gallery Added

The other “science” you’re not allowed to question…

Climate Change & Global Warming Meme Gallery 2

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell stupid dangerous decisions hands people no price being wrong

Message of the Day

message life not like box chocolates jalapenos burn tomorrow

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One thought on “11-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Some people wouldn’t know tyranny:

    If it systemically rigged an election in favor of the establishment’s preferred “ruler”

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