11-16 PIC Daily (Bonus)

Political Memes and Funny Pictures (Bonus)

obj said stafford better than baker mayfield
king of hill oregon governor cult
rittenhouse prosecutor tell me knowing about gun safety pointing

Random Thoughts on Rittenhouse Trial

The monumental stupidity of the prosecutors’ closing statements are too long and absurd to detail. Being chased, threatened with death, beat with a skateboard, having guns waved at you, and being thrown down with someone trying to take your gun are all apparently not justification for self-defense. I think my favorite moment was when the prosecutor showed a still of the movie Road House to describe how this whole incident was a simple harmless “fist fight,” that bare hands are not a big threat. Putting aside the fact more people are killed with fists than guns every year, he chose the movie Road House to emphasize his point, a movie where Patrick Swayze kills a guy WITH HIS BARE HANDS! Granted, the prosecutors were forced into an unwinnable case for pure political reasons.

It’s amazing how this case has been divided along political lines, with libertarians/conservatives generally taking Kyle’s side, and liberals wanting him to fry. I would guess if you took a poll though, at least half of liberals couldn’t tell you the color of the shooting “victims” nor their criminal backgrounds. I’m guessing most haven’t seen any parts of the videos that show the obvious self-defense against deadly threats. It’s the sheltered world of mainstream media propaganda that most liberals live in, the same media that’s convinced 40+ percent of Democrats that half of Covid cases result in hospitalization, or that hadn’t heard a peep about Hunter Biden corruption before the 2020 election. Mainstream Media and Big Tech Censorship are the only reasons Joe Biden somehow maintains approval ratings in the 30s. Parallel universe is the only way to describe it.

Governor Evers mobilized 500 National Guard soldiers to prepare for the verdict. Here’s a quiz, who do you think he’s worried about rioting & destroying property if the verdict doesn’t go their way, conservatives or liberals? 🤔

tweet all stream rittenhouse trial youtube policy violations
message rittenhouse after right defend against hostiles they support

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2 thoughts on “11-16 PIC Daily (Bonus)

  1. The national guard may be mobilized but they are staged over an hour away in another county according to a local news story last night. Doesn’t sound like a great military strategy to me. How much damage can be done in an hour?

  2. Demzis seek conflict: appease Red China, Crow Jim boost BLM homicide spikers. They prefer Scotland Junket Carbon Hogs to USA’s middle class. Hoax 1/6 for deep state weaponization, plus, after their Russia & stooge Mueller Chit? F Demzis, too Kabuki old Joe & Skankenstein Harris.

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