11-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

teenager 90s music old people never hit kid
walking into 2022 step off sinking ship
food delivery not moving avoiding people
turkey wait turn fat boy santa
car faints gas prices flipped over
joy reid preparing blame waukesha attack white supremacy msnbc
archie bunker meatheads now running country
government breaks leg sells taxes regulates wheelchair
mask are you anti vaccine are you pro coercion
target stockings lets go brandon
crt critical race theory not taught liberal then ban
from now on money laundering called infrastructure spending
babylon bee no longer safe beat people death skateboard
rittenhouse prosecutor mcdonalds drive thru
mainstream media rittenhouse peace black protesters video blind

Questions of the Day

question why gaige not on trial murder rittenhouse

Maybe even a bigger question is why not one single “journalist” has asked this question? If he had beaten Rittenhouse to death, would he have been charged with anything? If so, would Kamala Harris, celebrities, and tech companies raise money for his bail & legal fees? Do you think GoFundMe would take down fundraisers for his defense like they did for Rittenhouse?

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if surprised rittenhouse spent year deranged headlines rather than widely available video
tweet melville austria uk california australia italy
tweet complain out of shape dont want fitness tips

Quote of the Day

quote prager u nothing holds back victim not responsible

Message of the Day

message not challenging authority denying it completely

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5 thoughts on “11-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. My wife made us leave Target when she saw me checking out all the letters on the stockings. She knew I had the same thing in mind. And of course there will be no charges against Gaige. They are still busy prosecuting Kyle’s friend despite the recent verdict and evidence that completely undermines their case.

    • How did I miss the pending charges against Kyle’s friend? The last thing I heard was the fed planning double jeopardy against Kyle.

      How is murder any different than taking someones civil rights to life away? The government does this and keeps getting away with this bullshit.

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