11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

steps how to cook turkey win stuff table drunk
conversation therapist ok next question
what would gandalf do beat man with stick acceptable
woman carrying 4 beers stadium knew she was the one
bears lions thanksgiving
gas sign omg lol wtf ky jelly bend over
thanksgiving cdc baster booster
never ending vaccine movie poster
joe biden happy thanksgiving turkey pardoned not liberty
yellen thanksgiving inflation grow on you
teachers unions crt taught students cant read

Quote of the Day

quote limits tyrants oppressed frederick douglass

Eyerolls of the Day

california thanksgiving covid guidelines
tweet npr waukesha holiday parade still called christmas

Only the White Privilege/Supremacy Narrative Matters

rittenhouse vs waukesha driver no record long criminal history bail white privilege
media msnbc cnn kicking rittenhouse character assassination
tweet blm activist mows down crowd why not as bid as charlottesville
brooks waukesha woke bail reform ran over mother child

Tucker Carlson: Media won’t investigate motives in Waukesha massacre – here’s why

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband kids piano asking santa new one
tweet upset with wife targeted ads old people clothes

Messages of the Day

message thanksgiving why arent we thankful every day
message poor rich grave still same

Other Links That May Interest You

Court-Slapping the Fascists: Rittenhouse, Oil, & OSHA – Kevin McCullough
Leftists Panic, Redouble Effort to Keep Minorities ‘In Their Place’ – Derek Hunter
MSNBC: Remember That Thanksgiving Is a Holiday About Genocidal White People
Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 6

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