11-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs vs cats mind food sleep murder
padded cell where be told therapist honesty
trying give up sexual innuendo hard
no popcorn shrimp no reason to try pot roast
first christmas under biden tiny tree present
trump writing ho ho ho kamala harris
mother why mainstream media not cover biden crimes criminals too
irs you thought all stuff free
biden releasing 3 days oil taxpayers already paid for generous god

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian dnc top donor teacher reason out public schools
tweet zuby australia astria germany supposed to be joke

Quote of the Day

quote kayleigh mcenany americ no white supremacy problem spoiled unhinged liberal problem


tweet joe biden covid plan deaths 2021 exceed 2020

I stress again, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but isn’t it interesting that despite the fact we have several vaccines, treatments, and baseline knowledge of Covid, the deaths are higher than when we had none of that? And the Delta variant that led to the recent surge of recorded cases didn’t exist until after the vaccines were approved? Maybe if we would have just let our immune systems do their jobs and achieve herd immunity without interference, Covid would be fizzling out by now? Let’s also keep in mind this whole thing started when Fauci and other “scientists” experimented in gain-of-function research.

Is it any wonder there’s a large segment of the population highly trained in medicine and biology that want nothing to do with anything produced by the modern science industries?

goldblum scientists so preoccupied whether they could didnt stop think if they should
medicine problem natural immunity free
zuby doublespeak vaccines clowns hospitals protect others

Biden Just Issued Another Vaccine Mandate

Message of the Day

message pandemic of people cant admit they were wrong

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4 thoughts on “11-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Red flag Fauci
    just a twit Wuhan
    ducking f bossing
    Waukesha fan

    When Carbon Hogs be friendly
    with the de populates
    green pay more disaster
    Reeks of Floydian master

    Deify, the big lie
    27 million
    Minneapolis: owned

    Portland why looted?
    Kenosha why burnt?

    Why Marx Left to the BLM-Soros buy way:
    The Short cut to Waukesha

    Grannies on your conscience
    Dancing on your mind
    Long gone your manners
    Let alone colorblind

    Looting the Louis
    Ducking the Vuitton
    It’s all on Biden
    not Trump or Poot On

    Rats be ass nasty
    Dems suck chinaware
    Leave it to beaver
    Peter ain’t too square

    Peter Maternity
    Quite undeservedly

    Camel Lala queen
    live short as she will
    BLM bails mean
    Waukesha graves fill

    Identity hussy
    you are too fussy
    Leave it to beaver
    Dems’ new fav Peter

    They kill your granny
    transport their illegals
    duck all society
    hunt with porbeagles

    inflate Dem ingrates
    crevasse licking bores
    jet hog all carbons
    while you mop their floors

  2. There are 15 supposed vaccines.

    Russia and China, etc., do NOT take the mRNA drugs.

    This is war. Multitudes will die.

    Probably part of.the fourth seal in Revelations.

    • First, you have NO CHOICE in what you receive, unless you are already one shot in and need the second. Second, the number of choices in the US is about 2, maybe 3. Third, DON’T EVER GET ANY OF THESE “VACCINES.”

  3. Soros yours truly
    granny my Waukesha
    Buy non prosecute
    Cute till grannies dead

    Own it for granny
    Rem Rat ducking bores
    Identity your Pete
    Camel Lala sneak

    Under Dementia
    Joe’s black indenture
    Or yes maybe
    Pete be the sneak

    Clown talk bozo
    Too git Soros
    Ain’t gonna hit
    Till you own your chit

    Grannies on your Conscience
    Dancing on Your Mind
    Long gone your manner
    Let alone colorblind

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