11-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat bar shiny dangled things christmas tree drink
hope all 6 people like in world have great day
miss piggy 27 bones in hand kermit 28 when lonely
democrats transphobe misogynist bigot racist
thought health advice exercise diet actually soldiers enforcing mandates
list of joe biden accomplishments blank notepad
ralphie red rider ar 15 signed by kyle
more experts discuss botswana variant beeker
prison what in for was at school board meeting

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet draino pelosi taxes sea levels defund police oceanside mansion florida

Quote of the Day

quote churchill tact tell people go to hell enjoy ride

Messages of the Day

message student loan forgiveness transfers to those never asked agreed benefitted from loan
message real shortage not wood chicken gas leadership courage common sense

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