11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign little toe main function furniture in place
star trek price of chimney on house thru roof
cat listening songs dugs guns trader joes cauliflower oat milk
dad clarke grisowold super variant mask vaccine cycle maintaining fear
dr evil not coming for booster start new variant propaganda
socialists it will work this time lucy football
fauci delta omicron variants drop
polio mmr other vaccines never worried about unvaccinated stupidity started 2021
white kid shoots 3 white dudes supremacy black guy kills no evidence racial motivation
wonka work with me laugh or mad either way funny
omicron anagram moronic fcking with us
babylon bee media frantically prepares exciting news forget waukesha terrorist attack

I’m Sure Things Will Change a Lot 🙄

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Step Down as CEO, Replaced by Parag Agrawal

tweet agrawal muslims extremists white people racists

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mones billion dollar idea bar can hear people youre with
tweet dad wife crazy kids stuff dont need pillows
tweet women facials serums skin men wash shampoo

Quote of the Day

quote cost sanity certail level alienation mckenna

Message of the Day

message facebook censorship if voice no power wouldnt silence

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One thought on “11-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I know that people like to point out how omicron is an anagram for moronic, but blame the Greeks. Omicron is just the next variant name going down the Greek alphabet. Technically, Xi was the next name in line, but the WHO didn’t want to offend the useless criminal running China as that is his name too. EVERY variant and ALL the hype and lies are just to screw with us and maintain the fear. Viruses mutate. They generally become more infectious but less virulent. This science has been known for decades….but willfully ignored by the fearmongers who control the narrative.

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