12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wiener dog failed attempt bed camouflage
people dont get hungover drinking beer when stop
ghostbusters meme dicaprio swayze demi moore
dogs sign no please become ungovernable
safety first rope noose roof
newman look another covid variant nobody cares
2 most miserable people ironically named joy behalf reid
trump travel bans racist xenophobic biden fine
media new covid variant ignoring waukesha maxell trial
cnn driver vaccinated white supremacists attack car
maxwell watching left support pedo rosenbaum
they live dont need glasses anymore facemasks

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elizabeth warren thanksgiving inflation printing money
tweet jason bassler media fact checkers unison psychological manipulation
tweet liz wheeler maxwell trial epstein obama biden judge
tweet walker texas california shocked by freedom different countries

Two of the Biggest Douchebags on the Planet

fredo andrew cuomo cnn 24 7 hate trump protecting brother

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo ‘indefinitely’ pending evaluation of his involvement in brother’s scandals

that moment when you witness karma in its full glorious splender

Andrew Cuomo Meme Gallery

Swapping Tyrant for Tyrant

NY Governor Halts Elective Surgeries in ‘Emergency’ of 0 Cases of Less-Harmful Omicron Strain

new york handlied pandemic correctly snow white you must be dopey dr fauci
simpsons gave freedom away to get back still not free your fault

If Only There Was Another Way to Fight Covid

covid cdc data tracker florida no lockdowns masks mandates

Quote of the Day

quote lebron james money over morals kanter

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson opinions you are oppresser

Other Links That May Interest You

Disney+ Removes Simpsons Tiananmen Square Episode to Appease China
South African Doctor Who Raised Alarm About Omicron Variant: ‘Symptoms Were So Different And So Mild’
Jack Dorsey Quits Twitter…Is His Replacement Worse? – Spencer Brown
Aging – Middle & Old Age Meme Gallery

One thought on “12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. So long as we’re acknowledging that “red” and “blue” states are like different countries, let’s take the next needed step and MAKE them separate countries by dissolving the federal government. The experiment has failed.

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