12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

liquor store employee enjoy party
cat christmas tree
when kid 2 ways die natural causes talking back parents
release slightly different taylor swift apple covid
once pay off mortgage own free and clear government you dont
delta omoicron media control anagram
vaccine mandates cash cow big pharma
babylon bee cuomo unemployment rate 100 percent
liberal media if suspect person of color blackout
meeting heather addicted to covid narrative
joe biden america back where we belong behind china
omicron christmas why everyone laughing Im terrifying
bob superpowers unvaccinated kill vaccinated selfish
genesius times omar rep calls americans terrorists offended being called terrorist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet freitas politician losing patience virginia tyrannt better hope dont lose ours
tweet blm capitalism doesnt love black people leader 1.4 million home la
tweet dice why bill clinton not called witness ghislaine maxwell trial epstein deep state

Quote of the Day

quote griswold hallelujah holy sht wheres the tylenol

Message of the Day

message kermit posts will offend will post anyway

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