12-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me january lights boxes mislabeled december
neverending story as child movie adult coronavirus
stop calling australia concentration camp government run no trial arrested trying to escape
sign alone in car take mask off look stupid
bad days over worse days to come
moms basement soy facebook fact checker
dark helmet fauci represent science
captain kirk star trek omicron fauci
corporate media distract from maxwell tril memelords fck you are
skeletor alec baldwin killed more people than omicron
santa salvation army all white people repent racism
all years biological warfare turns out all required paper mask

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet waterglow trust science most anti science statement ever made
tweet war on covid never end bassler fear freedom unrealistic ruling class

Quote of the Day

quote frederick douglas worse than rebellion what causes it

Message of the Day

message if think cant change world one those wont

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