12-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat best christmas card photo every
keurig decaf for people dont need caffeine function adult
username generation bitch loser email software
inflation clown not happening fed transitory supply good for economy
fauci wuhan lab rat
texas continue to use mask to clean your guns
police drop the weapon knowledge book
babylon bee prequel people beg big brother take away rights virus
fredo cuomo next gig the view
hillary clinton no concession election night losing 5 years later

Do We Still Have to Wear Our Tinfoil Hats?

Omicron: Pfizer CEO Says We May Need 4th Covid Shot Sooner Than Expected

one more booster shot free burrito
tweet rando assliken safe to hang out with unboosted pinsker

Is This the Most Nonsensical Headline Yet About the COVID Vaccine? – Matt Vespa

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet magg communist wa state moving to red state
tweet cleghorn dropped glass broke plates government solutions

Question of the Day

question can we retire term conspiracy theory stop pretending

Quote of the Day

quote twitter ceo company not bounch by 1st amendment

Message of the Day

zuckerberg wait for variant season

Other Links That May Interest You

FDA Now Wants Until 2096 to Release All Data Supporting Licensing of Pfizer Vaccine
‘The Comedy We’ve All Been Waiting For’: Hillary Clinton Reads What Would’ve Been Her Victory Speech
Worst. President. Ever. – Derek Hunter
MSNBC Meme Gallery

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