12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dear santa want fat bank account skinny body dont mix up last year
husband never getting dog hours after champagne robe
justin bieber christmas carols link dont click
joe biden stole sanity prices law order world respect secure borders freedom chrismtas
how to spot parent watches cnn all day
biden vs dildo comparison
2020 2021 still pandemicing christmas
anakin padme us government going to protect ukraine border
usa states where biden vaccine mandate blocked
babylon bee jussie smollett forced to share jail cell with his attacker

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet its wonderful life town give me money
tweet foreman 5 percent bread drink fruit efficiency
tweet adulthood agreeing grinch more than whos whoville
tweet donald trump jr jussie smollett justice will be served

Quote of the Day

quote asinov any book worth banning worth reading

Beyond Parody

tweet medwin ussr proud jealous fauci

Papers, Please: Fauci’s Holiday Gathering Advice Shows Why No One Listens to Him Anymore – Leah Barkoukis

fauci i am science smaller ignored

Message of the Day

message venn diagram 1984 animal farm brave new world matrix you are here

Other Links That May Interest You

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