12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe willy wonka misery grandpa leaving bed

exact momemnt realized human not make it species pizza box open
omicron liberal omgidgaf conservative
ny major deblasio mugger stole mask
joe biden doll brandon diaper
misfits punks liberals naturalists became propaganda peddlers story
mainstream media shine light omicron not wealthy elite epstein island
mitch mcconnell jumpstart schumer pelosi agenda car
ron swanson dont trust science bill gates epstein island
babylon bee australians boycotting olympics government wont let them leave their homes

Quote of the Day

quote if path go thru hell act like own place

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon must 18 year old cant take 10000 business loan 100k student loan

Jim Cramer, Ruling Class Tool

Inflation Hits 39-Year High Under Biden

say economy is great jim cramer msnbc

This is from the same man who recently called for a total federal vaccine mandate enforced by the military, and who recommended buying now-defunct financial company stocks in 2008 right up until the worst of the mortgage crash. Jim Cramer has become nothing more than a pump-and-dump shill who can’t help but add himself to the preachy anti-freedom, Ruling Class-protecting talking head brigade.

stockings dad mom kids bills for checks

Everyone Should Know Their Playbook by Now

fauci matter of when not if definition of fully vaccinated changes

Fauci: Matter of When, Not If, Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Change
NY Gov Kathy Hochul Imposes Statewide Mask Mandate for Omicron Variant
CDC: Roughly 75 Percent of Omicron Cases in Fully Vaccinated
Zero Deaths Out of 400 EU Cases to Date
Dem Puts Up Bill to Strip Unvaccinated of Health Insurance

Message of the Day

message ruling class trying to mentally exhaust you break you down comply psychological warfare

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