12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

break something fix it just enough so next person thinks broke it
adrian peterson explain win superbowl if join every team
snowman need to behave standing upside down
wifi down cant stream music cassette boombox
less bitchin more kitchen woman love guys rhyme
santa unicorn kid government cares about americans
fauci pants of fire
next task stop lying media squid game
american vs australia dads favorite firearm
christmas tree cat touch balls again harassment
imagine releasing product malfunction blamed those dont use
beth yellowstone spend one day on the view
homer chris wallace trash leaving foxnews cnn
smollett prison dinner subway bleach
breaking pfizer billions use product omicron

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet home security tip leave kid travel defend interests
tweet holland drummer daughter alone
tweet husband wife amazon packages homeschool nurse cleaner

The Only Thing Government is Good At

Federal Tax Collections Set Record Through November

And yet, we’re still likely to have record deficits the next four years. Maybe politicians should look at other parts of the equation: Revenue – Spending = Surplus (Deficit)?

irs lying in bid untaxed money grandchildren sponge job

Quote of the Day

quote samuel adams irate tireless minority

Message of the Day

message liberal cant be punk and also bootlickers biden big pharma

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2 thoughts on “12-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Its NEVER been about revenue. Its ALWAYS been about spending.

    But ultimately it comes back to why the federal government is allowed to be engaged in activities, 99% of which are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I am no huge fan of the Constitution (I think we could do a lot better, and had a lot better with the Articles of Confederation), but if the federal government was simply reduced to the size clearly defined by the limits described in the Constitution, we could likely pay for it with minimal tariffs and an occasional bake sale. As the meme says “prove me wrong.”

  2. Joe has the Raytheon blues
    Lockheed Martin pays his dues
    Big Pharma splashy time
    Not enough for big guy’s dime

    Brown people next under the bomb sites
    Obama like Harris: next Brown’s yikes

    Joe has the Raytheon blues
    Lockheed Martin pays his dues
    Kabul ain’t black enough Joe appeasement
    Barry’s past neocon needs more aggrievement

    Brown people next under the bomb sites
    Obama like Harris: next Brown’s yikes

    Joe’s retirement party: a sociopathic transfer ball
    Long Live the Queen: Bombs Away Harris. Camel Lala

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