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hr showing me photo called out sick from parking lot
when you sneak metal soung into holiday playlist
garbage disposal broken dog loaner
when missus promises sexy costume return of jedi jabba hutt
restaurant science clearly states covid must wait until finish eating
smudge hospitals overwhelmed you fired workers
star trek captain message from earth fck joe biden
cnn cuomo rittenhouse white supremacist russian hoax nick sandmann lying
full metal jacket facebook post months ago community standards
joe biden racial divide job loss masks mandates supply chain gave terrorists i did that
rittenhouse shots more effective than fauci change my mind

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tweet sowell taxpayers entitlement no reality education
tweet loesch marx crt critical race theory iceberg
tweet cnn qanon child trafficking also arrested

The #1 Reason the Ruling Class Wants the Lowest Risk Covid Demographic Masked Forever

dog human obedience training facemask

If you live in a solid blue state like NY, CA, or WA, don’t expect school kids to be able to see each other’s faces the rest of their school careers. And don’t expect it to be much better in red states since school boards are almost always controlled by liberal educators. Vaccines don’t matter. Case rates don’t matter. The harmlessness of the Covid variant doesn’t matter. New research studies don’t matter. The CDC will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER change its masking guidelines for kids as long as Democrats are in control. The CDC can pretend it’s a science organization, but it’s a political one, plain and simple. Also, the media will NEVER stop trying to keep their liberal audiences living in terror.

However, things are starting to change. People are fed up and getting more pissed off as time goes by, so you can expect incumbent election beatdowns in November, in addition to more governors having the guts to take bold anti-Covid-restriction moves like Ron DeSantis. Parents are starting to be outspoken with school boards (or removing their kids altogether), so as long as you don’t live in solid-blue states, there is hope! If, however, you do live in a state where Democrats have a monopoly over the governor, legislature, and mayors, I’m sorry to say, your only alternative if you don’t want to live the rest of your life in Covidistan is to move. Politicians in states like California & New York will continue to rig elections with absentee ballots, gerrymandering, and every other trick in the book. Liberal media in these states, such as the NY Times, will make sure the population stays as brainwashed as possible. State governments there will likely take steps to remove all possible traces of alternative media, such as banning Fox News and One America News from being included in cable packages. And of course, when all else fails, they’ll import more immigrants allowed to vote. Maybe I’m wrong, and some day decades from now, after a generation of high taxes & regulation, insane Covid restrictions, and record crime rates, voters in these states will finally revolt. But I wouldn’t count on it.

I’m sorry to say, the U.S. is headed for two Americas–one living in relative freedom, the other living in 1984-type communist dictatorships. If you live in a purple swing state, you better make up your mind soon which one you want to live in.

ny governor hochul mask mandate chasing liberty
babylon bee california mask mandate flatten covid omicron line
north south korea map communist vs capitalist

California Joins New York with Statewide Mask Mandate
Biden’s Broken Promises Show There is No Secret Plan to Fight COVID – Ronna McDaniel

Quote of the Day

quote being libertarian tolerated into situation intolerant

Message of the Day

message democrats importing immigrants since betrayed voters

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8 thoughts on “12-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Seriously, let’s dissolve the federal government and let the 50 states go their own way. Better yet, dissolve the states too and let the counties go their own way. Even better, let everyone go their own way. But seriously, one look at even just the county level election results – not a true measure of how people actually feel about freedom and liberty, but at least a guide – clearly shows that there is only one blue state, Taxxachusettes, and all the rest are red states being oppressed by blue cities with large populations. Either way, the experiment has failed, and pretending it can continue only invites the inevitable mass bloodshed that only the delusional cannot see just around the corner.

  2. Joe,
    Your observations are spot on. People in blue states are getting pissed off and moving to states with fewer restrictions and more freedoms. The only problem with that is that many are bringing their old voting habits with them to try to “improve” their newly adopted home state. Call me a pessimist, but I fear that, then, those states will go from red to purple to blue.

    • You could be right. I’m hoping the number of conservatives/libertarians leaving will be higher. We will see.

  3. The deep state is really the waste of society. Most of them are democrats of course. They are OK with freedoms being taken away from us just not them.

  4. Joe, Both my mom and i are stuck in Communist Maryland, sadly we can’t afford to move from this Covidistan State run by communist Rino Governor Hogan, we are both on fixed incomes and the county we live in is also Corrupt. So were Basically stuck in hell. It Fucking sucks. Sorry i had to cuss, but me and mom have Officially have had enough. Grey

    • Sorry, Grey. Yes, that does suck. Maybe if the presidency can be taken back with RINOs flushed out of Congress, some semblance of sanity can at least be restored at the federal level.

      • I’m trying not to give up hope Joe, but are Government is completely and morally Corrupt, It might take another Civil war to get this Country back the way it was.

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