12-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat glass counter wonder if bounce
simply wank salon and spa 1 s sign
have best holiday inlaws fck you are
me as parent enter sandman lyrics
london fields taproom covid rules
hundreds looters destroying stores vs unvaxxed shop for groceries liberal
close businesses covid reopen rehire call it record job growth
5 year old family dinner everyone amazing biden
secreit fbi watchlist leaks online lot of people terrorists
grinch heart pfizer vaccine
fauci darth vader altering science pray dont alter further
scientists then now disprove vs hate speech

In the “No Shit, Sherlock” Category

facebook fact checks just statements of opinion

Facebook admits its ‘fact checks’ are just statements of opinion

fb fact checker date girlfriend blowup doll

We Must Stop the NFL’s Spread of Asymptomatic Covid! 😱

Amid recent wave of positive COVID-19 tests, NFL chief medical officer says most came from asymptomatic players

Messages of the Day

message only mutating covid is the lies
message dont conspiracy theory fcking obvious theory

Quote of the Day

quote joker keep distance people never admit wrong your fault

New Meme Gallery Added

Christmas Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk elizabeth warren senator karen
tweet elon musk elizabeth warren most taxes american history spend it all

Elizabeth Warren Meme Gallery
The Greatest Financial Swindle of All Time – Stephen Moore

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Peloton Censoring #LetsGoBrandon and #AllLivesMatter Posts
Liberal Meme Gallery 2

2 thoughts on “12-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Biden’s entire presidency is within the microcosm of Smollett’s racialist race hoax montage.

    The KKK mentee Joe and Camel Lala micro aggress and play fragile tag with as many depends getting lumpy or juicy breaks as Joe needs. Since Harris is a watch your tackle cackle snorter par excellence … usually Joe change time is timed with her snort a thongs, for purposes of staff sanity.

    Because Joe and Harris are so much like Smollett, banal, phony, racialist bores, we must turn our attention not to him, he like Joe and Harris is a douche, but to the context of our times:

    I’m dreaming of a female swimmer
    not a dude playing gay in the pool

    I truly miss colorblind King dreaming
    No not liking Joe Ho Biden the fool

    Give back America’s fine middle class
    Green your groovy inflation by yourselves

    Don’t force HATE vaxes on fertile women
    Or the Joe Ho, or his Kabuki elves

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