12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid gets hurt doing something told not to loki
new years resolution quit drinking smoking hanging out with you guys
say yes no drugs pizza sign ninja turtles
every man has this look when wife driving car
fda 75 years to see covid vaccine data jfk seen this one
kamala harris biden thinking about other vps sprinkles ice cream
babylon bee jen psaki underground lair corporate executives meet raise prices
2021 ends soon all agree what the fck was that
now showing zaproder grassy knoll definitely trump

But They’re All Vaccinated and Follow the CDC Guidelines Religiously? 🤔

New York State Reports Highest Number of Daily Covid Cases of Entire Pandemic
Mayor Bowser May Reinstate DC Mask Mandate Amid a Record Number of COVID Infections

elizabeth olsen twins scarlet witch variants
anakin darth vader bad code martial law shadow
romeo juliet 2021 masks king biden mandates
my reaction to everything these days told you so

Federal Appeals Court, Led by Obama-Appointed Judge, Allows Biden’s National Vax Mandate to Proceed

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet welsh unvaccinated negative test not allowed vaccinated can spread ok
tweet dsouza elon must freeloader created own wealth warren cherokee harvard taxpayer
tweet 1984 estate retelling womans point of view propaganda

Quote of the Day

quote life know when walk away let people be wrong

Message of the Day

message they fear you awake not complying resisting

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3 thoughts on “12-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Elon MOST DEFINITELY did NOT create his own wealth. Ever heard of carbon credits? When automakers produce gasoline-powered vehicles, they are FORCED BY LAW to pay Elon because Elon produces vehicles that only consume electricity whose production puts massive amounts of pollution into the air. Ever heard of EV purchase tax breaks? That’s the mechanism by which taxpayers have to shovel out more money so that purchasers of Elon’s cars get a huge kickback for buying his cars, thus incentivizing them by making the cars a lot cheaper. “Create his own wealth?”….my ass. Elon is a rent seeker, just like every other big business owner in this country. Even his space crap is subsidized by theft from taxpayers. Dinesh is a die-hard “conservative,” so he is in love with the crony-capitalism that lines Elon’s bank accounts. He screams when folks like Solyndra get huge kickbacks, but turns a blind eye when stuff he is in favor of (Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, etc.) get huge payoffs and “assistance.” And don’t get me wrong….this is NO endorsement of that Fake Injun commie trying to destroy all of our freedoms and liberties.

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