12-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dangers of predictive text quiche nun priest quickie
just want to say thanks parental advisory awesome albums growing up
usps stop delivery by christmas not going to happen
dutton rip 2024 tshirt take to the train station
billion unemployment fraud california smash and grab
obama climate footprint vote like life depended hypocrisy
biden harris have to be bad make you look good
joe biden sinking left wing policies democrats
democrats sent by god out of locusts
bill gates i identify as a doctor
vaccine doesnt stop virus spread but passport does
omicron triple jabbed vaccine bird

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet amazon husband presents buy him something
tweet thanksgiving christmas soon see these people
tweet amash dont blame manchin for bbb demise
tweet vitolo federal government elon must 14 hours of spending


Fauci: I Don’t Think We’ll Ever Stop Requiring Masks on Planes

Just the Way the Ruling Class Wants It

after years facemask wearing self portrait identity kid

Quote of the Day

quote truth like lion let loose defend itself

Message of the Day

message dont lie to overthinking trained brains look for holes story

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