12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kevin home alone jigsaw saw
rental car bow annoy neighbors
kid decorating cookie bloody message santa
2022 door afraid
bald eagle dumpster founding fathers country check
happy not single dating overthrowing government
joe biden 2020 2021 shut down virus death coming
queen gates kerry boris johnson no mask kids masked
matthew mcconahey fauci ever shut fck up cooler if you did
post biden critics vulgur taunts honest work
stop taking medical advice joe rogan jonas colbert big bird
interesting no politicians celebrities talking about maxwell trial
biden pr team after inflation bbb failed things in gutter get a puppy

Message of the Day

message if dont do wild things when young nothing to smile when old

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet show vax pass to see matrix npc
tweet zuby average wont speak public covid nonsense

Quote of the Day

quote when freedom outlawed only outlaws will be free

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