12-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

104 year old marathon runner more time to train excuse
baby watching parents untangle christmas lights what life offer
wife husband dog stripper pole
photos visited 2021 facebook correctional facility jail
seinfeld bay area car thieves utopian society
most washed body part 2021 brain not hands
climbing mountain of vaccine boosters
liberal budget debt house of credit cards
never see anyone wearing build back better hat
aliens trust management health those who profit from sickness
samual jackson say variant one more time
last drop testosterone left body masks gloves fauci

Post to Get You Sentenced to Facebook Jail

immune system any covid variant

The Future If You Continue to Go Along with School Forced Masking

burka mask school photograph kids

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby mass cowardice cant say public how got this way
tweet nfl nhl nba overwhelmingly vaccinated complete lie
tweet libertarian huge red pill omicron variant
tweet criticizing joe biden threat to democracy

Quote of the Day

quote ron desantis 15 days slow spread 3 jabs keep job resistance

Messages of the Day

message fear disease realize fear is the disease
message raising kids masks training not to fight for freedom

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