12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

leave cash with me ok mms on you
dinosaur stepping on lego
doctor does it hurt yes say new normal again
kid dad facemask meme
wearing mask 2 years unhealthier than having 1 week flu change my mind
government racist corrupt billionaires tax give money to government clown makeup
if making up science olympic sport fauci metals
government virus 3 feet hands knees
shoutout immune system believe in you

Preview of Coming Attractions

vaccine passport expired cant access internet banking services phone

Branch Covidians

religion of covid preachers worship fauci cdc mask rituals

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jason bassler legacy corporate media called out rogan gates
tweet kamala harris cost of living biggest expense taxes start there
tweet bette midler manchin west virginia poor illiterate strung out
tweet stacey ruffin unvaccinated survived 2 years

Quote of the Day

quote in world of propaganda truth is always a conspiracy

Message of the Day

message nuremberg code government can force medical

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One thought on “12-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Out more Harris would be quite the trick
    Joe in a moment: fatally sick
    You rattle by lefty tattle and FBI hoax
    if stinks like Russia … it can’t be a joke
    1/6 two licks muscle up your Stasi
    Fed, Fed, Fed lead was for USA Allie
    You have to want past what you don’t want to see
    If you want America back … forever free

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