01-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

betty white most talented beloved superheroes helping captain america on stage
2021 come to an end 2022 moon looks weird death star
you chewed up my list of new years resolutions good dog
coworker almost died then took drink of coffee
posts so relatable congrats need therapy too
wife husband dishes ice cream scoop
groundhog day entering year 3 of 15 days stop spread
same people take off tinfoil hats walking around face shields
afraid of guns can kill your cars know to use
hazmat suit restaurant lunatics
congress jackets know who bought them
top 5 omicron symptoms nyquil
year 2050 first ghislaine maxwell document released redacted

In Case You Missed It

new york times reporter trump supporters enemy of state ccp controlled

How to Instantly Shut Down Debate

Watch Fauci, Walensky, and other government health officials when they’re asked to cite research on ANYTHING to back up their Covid assertions. “It’s settled science.” “There’s overwhelming evidence…” “There’s been many studies to prove.” “The science is so clear that I’m not even going to waste my time discussing…” “The medical community shows clear consensus on…”

Notice a pattern? That’s right–they never actually answer the question. The easiest way to evade an answer is to use one of these stock answers, which the obsequious, scientifically-illiterate media inevitably swallows. And if someone like Dr. Rand Paul cites contradictory studies, they use the Fauci special: attack the source! Say it’s a political attack. Call it “misinformation.” “That person has been thoroughly discredited.” Or say the study has been “debunked.” Again, the question is never answered. The conversation topic is shut down, and no studies are actually ever discussed.

Fauci has been using these techniques for decades going all the way back to the AIDS research projects he headed. Do you ever wonder why after almost 40 years and hundreds of billions of dollars spent in AIDS research, we still don’t have a vaccine? Many scientists believe it’s because Fauci & colleague’s HIV virus causal link was flawed from the start and not backed by definitive research. As he’s done with Covid, once the HIV virus explanation took hold, he just used the “settled science” technique to shut down debate, then used the media and his massive funding control to destroy & discredit anyone who challenged him. Of course, it’s so much easier with Covid since the Big Tech censorship goons take out all the opposition for him.

all scientists agree heres some dont censored all
time magazine covers pandemics flu
if 3 smallpox vaccinations got it asking questions
babylon bee poll americans supporting tossing fauci into volcano
omicron cold scared dont want believe in science

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet republicans long time iraq war conned masks progressives
tweet imagine taking medical advice from people who believe jussie smollett

Quote of the Day

quote if truth makes uncomfortable blame the lie

Message of the Day

message no desires to fit in walk with crowd follow truth not media and governments

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2 thoughts on “01-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I do not support tossing him in. I support making him stand on the rim while his criminal wife is first lowered in slowly, then lowering him in very, very slowly. Then get started on the other several hundred thousand co-conspirators.

    • You’re too kind. I would give him all versions of the clot shot spread out to once a week. Followed by weekly booster shots. Live stream the whole thing so everyone can watch and bet on when he dies and from which adverse reaction. The entertainment of seeing all the cool adverse reactions take over his body would be must see TV.

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