01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2022 hopefully back to normal antonio brown
morning healthy food choices noon chocolaca whomp
thanks to millennials have to specify cold or hot
falling down gas more than double economy doing better
corporations too much power influence trust science pfizer
england mask vaccine mandates left england free of autocrats
3rd shot fully vaccinated cdc so far homer
simpsons obey the rules left resistance
bill gates tony fauci running from crown unbiased research
twitter logo pfizer
flu corona flurona making sht up on the fly
question so maxwell guilty of trafficking minors to nobody
babylon bee cnn boasts havent had sex scandal all year

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sober january not enough stupid things
tweet 150k phd creative writing teaching government responsibility
tweet omicron past 3 but not old navy mask
tweet anomaly huge believer climate change caught lies brainwashing kids

The Next Ruling Class Target for Destruction

You can always tell the liberal media get their marching orders & information from the same sources when you listen to their exact words. Hint: they’re almost always the same terms, words, phrases, and daily narratives. One new media phrase I’ve heard repeatedly from just about every mainstream media source lately is “The Florida Guy,” which is a reference to Governor Ron DeSantis. Almost from the start, he’s successfully done everything the opposite of the dictates coming from the Covid Totalitarianism Battle Plan. Plus, he has Trump’s courage without the divisiveness and hair-trigger temper, and thus is a major threat in 2024. Therefore, he must be destroyed! As with Trump, the media will dig up every morsel of negative stories they can find and invent some as needed. As his popularity grows, you can also bet Big Tech will start censoring him and any posts that support him.

I saw some stories today hyperventilating that Florida Covid cases grew 900% yesterday thanks to the terrible policies of “The Florida Guy” (note: ALL of the sources referred to him by that term). Of course, they didn’t point out the reason the percentage was so high is because the base number was so low. For example, if you have 100 cases day 1 and 1000 cases day 2, that’s a 900% increase. If you have 1 million cases day 1 and 1.5 million cases day 2, you have a 50% increase. Which is worse? The 5 states with the highest population case rates — New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts — are all overwhelmingly Dem run states with by-the-book CDC restrictions, plus all are in the top 10 states in vax rates. But you have to dig deep to find these facts while the media works on any way possible to manipulate the stories to attack The Florida Guy.

There’s a Reason Democrats Are Terrified of DeSantis РDerek Hunter

biden to desantis how to be popular do opposite of you
dr fauci this duck is cat liberals npc all agree
quote ron desantis chose freedom over fauci

Lesson of the Day

covid glossary cases asymptomatic misinformation critical thinker

Quote of the Day

quote mencken urge to save humanity front rule it

Messages of the Day

message no longer accepting things cannot change changing what cannot accept
lotr for betty white 2022 battle

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One thought on “01-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The flu and covid have always existed together…..Because they are the same thing. This year they are finally allowing flu cases to be counted as flu because somehow it suits their narrative. Don’t let your guard down. They are still mass murderers. And the crimes against humanity continue by the millions.

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